'Byzantium' celebrates 24 years with a reading at Sally Loo's

The 24th edition of the English department’s “Byzantium” release included good reads and good food.

Faculty and students to share love poems

Hannah Croft hannahcroft.md@gmail.com Cal Poly students and community members can start Valentine’s Day early this year. The annual Loverspeak poetry reading comes to campus on Feb. 12 at 8 p.m. Loverspeak is a fundraiser for “Byzantium,” Cal Poly’s literary annual,…

Freshman discovers the realities of college

I remember the last month of high school: everyone knew where they were going and absolutely everyone was talking about college. They expected an incredible amount of fun, from parties to extracurricular activities — it was all anyone talked about.…

BLOG: The kids are all right (with not reading)

Where dwindling attention spans are supported by increasingly brief media, what will happen to reading?