Quiz: What will your Valentine's Day be like?

Whether you end up at the library or Giuseppe’s, you’ll probably post an Instagram.

Cal Poly women talk sex

Some learned from older brothers and sisters. Others from movies such as “Titanic.” But the majority of the 27 women at Let’s Talk Sex said they learned about sex in fifth and sixth grade via a sex education class. Caitlin…

Sometimes it’s hard not to look

There he is, tall, brown hair, gorgeous blue eyes, dimples, broad chest, tight muscles, strong enough to throw you across his shoulder and carry you into the bedroom, but not so large that he’d crush you if he were on top.

Learning “How to Be Single” is a whirlwind adventure

People read self-help books for everything from programming their computers to choosing the right wine. But a how-to guide on being single does not sound quite so appealing.

The back-to-school adventure begins: It’s important to stay balanced when schedules get busy

It’s back-to-school time and everyone is attempting to organize their lives into perfectly color-coded bins purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond — only they have yet to find out that one thing doesn’t fit quite so perfectly into these bins, namely, your relationships (or lack thereof).

Long distance relationships: not for the faint of heart

Why some long distance relationships can work but most can’t: the distance, the foundation of the relationship and the length of time the two people will be apart.

Bisexual doesn’t equal slutty

You do make a comment, half-joking, to the effect of knowing I’m bi makes you uncomfortable around me or uncomfortable having your girlfriend around me. Maybe you think my gayness is contagious and will rub off on you or your girlfriend. Or maybe you just think I’m attracted to every woman I meet. I don’t know, but for your sake, I don’t ask.