Police aim to curb train track trespassing

Students cross the Union Pacific Railroad train tracks parallel to California Boulevard going to and from Cal Poly on a daily basis, walking right by signs that state the area is private property, and trespassers are violating the law. According…

San Luis Obispo county requests extended state of emergency

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors declared an extended state of emergency on Tuesday because of flooding damage that occurred in Oceano Dec. 19. A rainstorm during that week brought 7.1 inches of rain to Oceano and caused…

Rain, rain go away: Storms cause state of emergency in SLO county

San Luis Obispo County announced a local emergency on Dec. 18 due to extreme weather damages which occurred during the rainstorms throughout the area.

There’s a new sheriff in town

Ian Parkinson won the November 2 election over former Pismo Beach police chief Joe Cortez with nearly 55 percent of the vote, according to the San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder’s website.

Mental health campaign launched in SLO

A documentary aimed at changing the perception of mental illnesses in San Luis Obispo County was released Feb. 4 at the Supervisor’s Chambers at the County Government Center.

The number of homeless rises in San Luis Obispo County

According to the 2009 Homeless Enumeration Report performed by the Homeless Services Coordinating Council (HSCC), on any given day in San Luis Obispo county 3,829 people are homeless. The homeless shelters are brimming with newcomers while county officials work together to build a new homeless campus in hopes to solve this increase of roughly 1,500 homeless people since the 2006 count of 2,408.

SLO bear hunt decision postponed

Wildlife advocates in San Luis Obispo celebrated yesterday after learning that black bears would not be hunted in the county—at least this year. The Fish and Game Commission unanimously decided to postpone any changes to the state’s bear hunting regulations.