“Side Show” invites students to come look at the freaks

From the eerie start, Side Show, a four-time nominated musical opening tonight at Cal Poly, is disturbingly intimate as the lights fade up to a stoic crowd of carnies starring at the audience inviting to ‘come look at the freaks’.

Student survives on $28 for 28 days

Cal Poly journalism senior Niki Burns spent $28 on groceries at the beginning of the month and is documenting her experience for her senior project.

Poly seniors help jump record

Nearly 1,000 students from the San Luis Obispo area joined about 87,000 other participants across California in simultaneously jumping rope in an effort to break the world record for “Most People Jumping/Skipping at the Same Time” on Feb. 1.

Health care reform uncovered

When biology senior Rachel Hornstein recently asked Cal poly students what they knew about Health Care reform she was shocked to find that the answer was ‘not much.’

Senior projects go digital

The Robert E. Kennedy Library implemented a new policy this September that senior projects may now only be submitted to the library electronically through DigitalCommons, a new software that serves as a digital catalog for student projects.

“Power Wheels guy” takes senior project to the streets

A picture of a student sitting in what appeared to be a children’s Power Wheels vehicle being ticketed by three San Luis Obispo Police Department motorcycles and one University Police Department SUV gained viral popularity on Twitter last week and was plastered on the front page of the Mustang Daily with a headline that read “Little wheels cause a big deal.” So what’s the real story behind this four-wheeled spectacle?