Why I didn’t root for any team to win the Super Bowl

I had never thought that there would be a year where I absolutely could not take a side — until this year.

Extra DUI patrols for Super Bowl Sunday

San Luis Obispo County plans to deploy special DUI saturation points throughout the county on Super Bowl Sunday.

Word on the Street: Who do you want to win the Super Bowl?

We’re pretty sure these results are skewed because of all you Niners fans.

Asa Jackson takes flight

J.J. Jenkins sports@mustangdaily.net “Oh shit, we just won the damn Super Bowl.” Those were the first words out of Asa Jackson’s mouth as he ran onto the Superdome field to celebrate with his Ravens teammates. Just 14 months after playing…

Super Bowl wasn’t the only event on Sunday

Jeremy Cutcher is a political science senior and the Mustang Daily liberal columnist.

Super Bowl ads: the good and the bad

I hardly noticed what was happening while it was happening: a short “sponsor message”, a Kia advertisement, playing on my screen directly preceding the “Budweiser: Tiny Dancer” ad I was waiting to watch online. It was an ad before an…

CBS discriminates with ad policy

The decision to air the commercial of a group so strongly against choice and homosexuality while denying commercials depicting gay men and inclusiveness shows the personal feelings of CBS executives.

Cal Poly alumnus and legend calls it quits

Before I heard that he retired, I had no idea that John Madden never put on the pads and helmet on Sundays at the professional level. I just assumed he had. And I think this is where his fame gets its legitimacy.