30-Minute update: ASI votes to not support 7-day parking, students finalists to race across Europe

Mustang News anchors Geovanni Ximenez-Garcia and David Kline update you on Mustang News’ biggest stories this week.

Your San Luis Obispo election voting guide

Don’t know what San Luis Obispo officials to vote for in this year’s election?

Where to vote in SLO

As the presidential debates are underway and are either confirming, changing or are still swaying voters’ decisions, Nov. 6 is rapidly approaching. Voters may not have their minds made up, but where to vote in San Luis Obispo should be…

Mayoral election fails to draw students

James Corbett jamescorbett.md@gmail.com With Election Day just more than a month away, the presidential and congressional races have been thrust into the spotlight. The local San Luis Obispo mayoral race hasn’t garnered as much attention, however. Who’s in the race?…

Do Cal Poly students care about politics? Probably not.

Cal Poly Student Life and Leadership coordinator Jesse Torrey loves to vote. She said it creates American patriotism that is visible in the results of both national and local elections. But it is unfortunate, she said, students do not share her…