'Better to tread water than to drown'

We were there for the first forum, the one with only one student in the audience as well as one of the final forums yesterday. Starting when former Cal Poly Provost Robert Koob proposed it in November, the Mustang Daily…

Success forum, party of one

Attendance at the Student Success Fee Open Forum dropped yesterday from six students to one. Though disappointed, associate vice provost Kimi Ikeda attributed this to Sunday’s Super Bowl. “It disappoints me because I think this is a really huge issue…

Group encourages students to vote

SLO Get Out The Vote is a non-partisan organization dedicated to getting the students of Cal Poly registered to vote in the state of California and with the deadline to register coming up on Oct. 18, they are calling the students to action.

With a General Election coming up on Nov. 2, now it is as important as ever for the students to get their voices heard.

Rock the Vote landing in SLO

Rock the Vote is coming to Mission Plaza Sunday, Oct. 3. The event, which is presented by the student-run, nonpartisan organization GET OUT THE VOTE, will feature five hours of live music and speeches.

ASI Board of Directors candidates: Part I

The College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences is comprised of 3,701 students and nine departments. There are five seats available on the Board of Directors for this college and voting begins on May 5.

Rec Center expansion to start soon

Initial stages of construction are set to begin in October. Before construction starts, a temporary fitness area needs to be installed where the main gym currently resides.