A total of 16,910 undergraduate students (freshmen and new transfers) were accepted to Cal Poly for Fall 2019 and a preliminary number of 5,769 — 908 transfers and 4,861 first-time freshmen — committed to enroll.

According to University Spokesperson Matt Lazier, all of the numbers included are “current but do not reflect the final official Fall 2019 enrollment.” Lazier said the numbers are subject to change throughout the summer.

Of the incoming students, 50.4 percent enrolled are men and 49.5 percent are women. For the first time, Cal Poly also included gender non-binary in their admissions trends data. There were 30 non-binary students who applied to Cal Poly. Ten were accepted and two enrolled, both as first-time freshmen.

Minority students who applied, were accepted and enrolled

Of the 65,182 applications, 40,259 of those applications were by minorities, that includes undocumented students, Hispanic/Latino, African American, Asian American, Native American, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and Multi-Racial. A total of 9,276 were admitted, and 2,609 enrolled in Cal Poly for Fall 2019. To compare, 24,923 non-minorities (white and other/unknown ethnicities) applied, 7,634 were accepted, and 3,160 enrolled.

Applied, Selected, and Enrolled by percentage

What was labeled as “white” on the admissions trends data provided by Lazier received 23,284 applications — 8,045 were accepted and 2,997 enrolled (52.0 percent). Others/Unknown received 1,639 applications-454 were accepted and 163 enrolled (2.8 percent).

The lowest underrepresented minority Cal Poly has seen over the years since 2008 is Native Americans. With just four students enrolled this year, it is the lowest Cal Poly has seen. In 2008, 34 Native American students were enrolled.

This data is preliminary and subject to change. The numbers will be finalized in October 2019.

Minorities enrolled since 2015

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