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On-campus residents will have to decide whether to stay in University Housing or to return home for the spring quarter, according to an email from University Housing and Campus Dining Monday, March 16 at 10 p.m.

Cal Poly announced earlier today the entirety of spring quarter will be taught online and encouraged students to return home.

University Housing plans to restructure the dorms, moving students in triples to double rooms to “de-densify living spaces and create a more optimal living environment,” according to the email.

There would not be additional fees to move from a triple to a double room.

If residents choose to move out, University Housing asks to be notified prior to April 6. However, students can leave anytime throughout the quarter and Cal Poly will issue pro-rated refunds, Vice President for Student Affairs Keith Humphrey wrote in an email to Mustang News Tuesday, March 17.

File | Mustang News

“If you already left campus, we ask that you limit your travel and not return until mid-May to retrieve your belongings,” the email to all on-campus residents read. “We will send you details regarding check-out procedures and when it’s clear to come back to campus.”

If a student must leave some or all of their belongings in campus housing and not return until mid-May to completely move out, they will still be issued a refund.

University Housing will rearrange residence halls after spring break once they know who is continuing to live in on-campus housing.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story said residents must move out by April 6 to avoid charges. Humphrey said Tuesday, March 17 Cal Poly will pro-rate refunds based on when students check out of University Housing. 

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