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A choreographed “flash mob” featured at the downtown San Luis Obispo Farmer’s Market hopes to encourage locals to vote.

The dance debuted at the intersection of Chorro Street and Higuera Street on Thursday, Oct. 18. Another flash mob will take place Thursday, Nov. 1.

Through choreographed song and dance, flash mob organizer Ellen Morrison hopes to inspire locals to vote for what they are passionate about in a non-partisan way, according to the Facebook page.

“In the current vitriolic political climate, it is almost unthinkable that right, left and middle could calmly agree on anything,” Morrison said. “But who is opposed to voting?”

Morrison said she hopes this will grab everyone’s attention and remind them to exercise their right to vote, no matter their political stance.

“What better way to collaborate than dance?” Morrison said. “It’s much easier to collaborate these days if you don’t have to talk to each other.”

In late June, Morrison posted a tutorial for the dance on YouTube to teach anyone interested in participating in the flash mob the routine. Participants in the flash mob will perform to the song “Attention” by Charlie Puth in an attempt to “grab peoples’ attention.”

“Hopefully [this performance] will remind people to go home and open up the ballot that they will have received this week and at least begin looking through it,” Morrison said.

Participation is open to everyone.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Women’s March SLO organized the flash mob, it has since been corrected. A previous version also stated that the next flash mob will take place Nov. 25, which has been rescheduled to Nov. 1.

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