WOW 2017 crime recap

During Week of Welcome (WOW) 2017, Cal Poly experienced more than twice as many arrests as last year.

Oh, SNAP: Why you may want to keep it down the next time you turn up

Welcome to the Student Neighborhood Assistance Program, or SNAP.

Quiet down, San Luis Obispo

The City of San Luis Obispo has been a bit quieter than in years past, according to city law enforcement. This is due to two recent modifications of the city’s noise ordinance, approved two years ago by the San Luis Obispo…

Noise ordinances: fair to students or targeting the college population?

The noise ordinances in San Luis Obispo have made many students feel targeted while San Luis Obispo police felt it was a necessary step to help calm down the neighborhood.

Stricter noise ordinance to be enforced beginning Friday

New noise ordinance to be enforced starting Friday.