‘Nava-hos’ party unanimously criticized at forum

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  1. stayhome says:

    Eloquent words from this Honeycutt kid. /s

    No one’s trying to generalize this campus as racist. If anything, the student population is largely ignorant. I like to think that most of them have no conscious racist convictions, but many lack the understanding of other cultures and viewpoints that would make them able to judge what kinds of things are inappropriate to do/say. That’s what makes cultural competency programs seem like a productive thing. It might seem like overkill, and not as many people would be super enthusiastic about it, but when there are this many people trying to argue that everyone’s overreacting, it shows how many people just don’t understand what kind of effects these occurrences have on others, and even the effects on all of us at the university as a whole. That’s ignorance and a lack of empathy, but that can easily be fixed, if people just take the time to understand.

    1. Jason Goad says:

      I wonder if Logan Honeycutt is related to our fearless advocate of free speech, Nate Honeycutt, who is the president of the Cal Poly College Republicans…

  2. Kyle says:

    Honestly I don’t think that “more required education in cultural diversity as part of general education requirements” would help anything. It’s just going to fall into one more class that students don’t want to take or don’t care about. Plus you can teach someone something all you want but if they don’t care or don’t want to change it isn’t going to make a difference.

  3. Clearly this forum was to make some folks feel better… and that is called exercising free speech.

    BTW Free Speech isn’t free…. sometimes there are hurt feelings…. its the price we pay to live in an open and relatively free society.

    Once censorship becomes acceptable … everyone’s speech becomes fair game.

  4. gi says:

    More education wouldn’t do shit. Students barely care about GE’s, let alone a culture and diversity class. LET MORE MINORITIES INTO CAL POLY, FOSTER A COMMUNITY WHERE EVERYONE INTERACTS WITH EACHOTHER – THIS WILL STOP MINORITIES FROM ALIENATING THEMSELVES AND STICKING TO THEIR OWN PEOPLE. IT WIILL HELP INTEGRATE EVERY CULTURE. This isn’t about race or color. The majority of people at CAl Poly come from neighborhoods where diversity isn’t seen at all. College should be THAT PLACE! You learn so much from different types of people, FIND A WAY TO INTEGRATE EVERYONE.

  5. Logical College Student says:

    UPDATE: Want to read exactly how homogeneous the Greek community is on campus? Read more at Cal Poly’s source for Greek News:

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