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As a fourth year, I hardly ever eat on campus anymore. When I do, I typically grab the fastest, most convenient option, which tends to be unhealthy. I decided to test my habits–and my appetite–and tried to eat well at multiple on-campus locations. Here are the venues I visited:

805 Kitchen

The all-you-can-eat venue has five stations to choose from, in addition to a salad and yogurt bar. I was able to mix and match my meal and go back for a second plate for completely different options. Plus, I was able to take full advantage of the cereal bar, which made for a great dessert.

The Avenue

Within The Avenue are a few new, unique options, including Bishop Craft Burger, Chick-Fil-A and Tu Taco. I was able to find healthy options at every station, since each of them offers meatless options or healthy carbs like whole wheat tortillas and buns. Their full salad bar and soup options also made for great sides.

Campus Market

I’ll be honest–it was hard to pass up Campus Market’s chicken strips, but their menu is far from just fried food. They have an abundance of both fresh and packaged grocery items like fruits, vegetables and other snacks. I also noticed that many of these are allergen-free, perfect for those with dietary restrictions.

Canyon Cafe

For those living in Poly Canyon Village, Canyon Cafe is a great dining venue to visit in order to start your day right. Their healthy breakfast options include fruit cups, whole wheat muffins or toast and egg scrambles with veggies. I was also able to add a little bit more flavor to my meal with their whipped cream, jams and sauces.

Healthy dining on campus was not only possible, but there were more options than I thought, once I took the time to look. There are plenty of meatless, allergy-friendly and customizable options that cater to every student’s dining habits. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that if you’re unsure of whether a dining venue has options for you, don’t be afraid to ask.

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