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Gone, but not extinct yet

This year we had some nice days, but now it’s time for a dino ice age. Oh man, this is the last TRENDASAURUS ever to grace the pages of the Mustang Daily, so let’s wrap things up right. First off, I want to say sorry if I ever put your favorite trend on blast and made fun of it.

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Holler if you're a blogger!

If you want to know the epitome of the modern trend, look no further than the phenomenon of blogging. I mean, honestly, there are so many blogging blogs in cyberspace these days, and they’re all made by blogging bloggers who love nothing more than to blog about their blogging lives, right?

Not exactly.

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The rise of the douche

We got rules that tell us who we oughta be. Open your books; let’s study douche-i-otomy. Right now, we are witnessing the rise of the douchebag. Well, sort of. The douchebag is not really a trend, because he’s always been around. Historically, there have been some major douches – Napoleon, Hitler, Ivan the Terrible, Nixon.

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Religions have their trends, too

They tell you what’s up when this life ends, but please believe religions have some trends. Nothing is immune to being trendy. And no matter how set in stone some things seem to be, sometimes they still fall out of style. Plus, trends can both be immediate and long-term, so today we will examine religious trends.

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Nerdicans unite!

Where my nerds at? Stand up. We’ve got new Batman and Superman movies coming out; “Iron Man” comes out next month; there’s a Hulk movie coming out that may not suck; and studios are making a new Street Fighter movie, a G.I. Joe movie, a Justice League movie, an Avengers movie, a live-action Star Wars TV show and a new Star Trek movie.

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It's all about the green lifestyle

I’m an eco-thug; my hustle’s for that green. I don’t drive by, I bike by, if you know what I mean. You know how every year the tabloids predict the sun will turn blue or red or explode, causing Armageddon within a month, but on the date predicted it never happens? Well, they’re actually almost right.

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Take a chill pill, people

I’m always on my grind; I ain’t got time to count sheep. So I’ll take these pills and start a life without sleep. America’s tank is on empty. We have so many different energy-inducing products on the market, seemingly people don’t stay awake on their own anymore.



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