The Open House in 2019 was a success with plenty of turn-out. Credit: Courtesy of Center for Marine Sciences

On Oct. 28, the Cal Poly Center for Coastal Marine Sciences is hosting a Cal Poly Pier Open House, inviting the public to take a glimpse beneath the waves. The pier is located at Avila Beach Drive and the event will run from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

“The pier is usually closed to the public so the Open House gives the community a chance to come out and see what we do,” Marine Operations Manager Tom Moylan said. “The pier is 3,000 feet long so even just being out there in the middle of the ocean is really special.”

The Open House provides a look into research, education and environmental stewardship initiatives taking place at this facility. Events will be held at the end of the pier, which is more than a half mile long.

Attendees are required to wear closed-toed shoes and pets are not allowed. A safety waiver will also be required before visitors enter the pier. The Center for Coastal Marine Sciences encourages everyone to bring a camera to capture the wildlife and a water bottle to stay hydrated. 

According to the official event page, the Cal Poly Pier Open House will offer a wide array of activities and exhibits, including guided tours of the pier, interactive marine life exhibits and informative sessions led by marine science experts.

Parking near the pier will be limited, so organizers advise visitors to plan on parking in nearby public lots and walk over to the pier. 

More information can be found at the official event page.