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Last week, Cal Poly opened their on-campus vaccination site to students who live in the dorms, students in performance groups in the Music Department and athletes.

Just nine days later, Cal Poly had vaccinated about 1,000 students through the Heath Center, and is now offering vaccines to all Cal Poly students

Cal Poly is offering first vaccine appointments to students through the Health Center, and partnered with Rite Aid to administer vaccines to all county residents ages 16 and older in the University Union.

At their vaccine appointment, students are required to show a photo ID, a completed vaccination consent form and questionnaire, a blue or green campus pass as a result of the COVID-19 daily self screening, and, if they are under the age of 18, a minor consent form. 

Journalism freshman Addison Le Claire lives on campus and was one of the first students to receive the vaccine, which she said was “pretty cool.” When she went in to the Health Center, everything was socially distanced and she had to wait for “a bit.” Then she got her shot, waited for 15 minutes, then was “free to go.” 

“It was super simple, super easy and I really enjoyed it,” Le Claire said.

Initially, Le Claire was supposed to get vaccinated off campus, but, once vaccinations opened on campus, she said this method was easier. 

“I definitely preferred on campus, because it was just a walk from my dorm. I do live [in] the Yosemite Towers so it worked out,” Le Claire said. 

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Civil engineering freshman Abbie Wong agreed that getting an on-campus vaccine was easier than going off campus, especially since she doesn’t have a car. 

“It was less of a hassle to get it and it was very convenient. There were a lot of students there getting it, so it was really nice to see,” Wong said. “I am happy that Cal Poly offered it.”

Wong is an out-of-state student, and now that she’s vaccinated, she said she feels safer to go home. 

“I want to be able to see my grandparents and not have to worry about giving them COVID or spreading it to other people,” Wong said.

Cal Poly’s Presidential Faculty Fellow for COVID-19 Response and Preparedness Aydin Nazmi urges students to get the vaccine.

“I would definitely recommend getting vaccinated,” Nazmi said. “In what other situation would you say no to something that is potentially life saving for you and for the people around you?” 

Students can make a vaccine appointment at the Health Center on the Cal Poly COVID-19 website, and students, faculty, staff and community members can make a vaccine appointment at the University Union on Ride Aid’s website using zip code “93407.”

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