Local business Wildflower Women’s Boutique is offering a new deal it says can help relieve people’s financial stress as gas prices increase in the county.

The business has launched “The Gas Pass,” where people can earn one dollar in store credit for every gallon of gas they buy. For one time each week in April, customers can bring in their gas receipt and earn store credit at any of their four locations: Los Olivos, Pismo Beach, Santa Maria, and Paso Robles.

The Wildflower Women’s Boutique hopes to “take the burden at the pump,” owner Amber Lease said.

“We are doing this to really be a part of the community and let them know we are here,” Lease said. 

Lease said that if “The Gas Pass” does well this month, then they will consider keeping the deal in May.

On top of the store credit for gas, customers shopping at any of their locations can enter in a raffle for a $100 gift card for gas. Each location will host a raffle and announce the winners on May 1.

Wildflower Women’s Boutique is also opening a new storefront in San Luis Obispo on Monterey Street which is planned to open later this month.

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