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‘Delicate to loud’: Student’s at-home jewelry business brings balance to college life

Leigh Ann Bardman’s college apartment is at the intersection of a natural wonderland and an eccentric vintage store.  Underneath the dim lighting, dozens of houseplants wind through the living room from floor to ceiling. Bardman and her roommate keep the overhead lights off, leaving the room illuminated by the soft yellow glow of unique antique […]

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Healthy snacks that have your back: Cal Poly senior creates a snack business

Before going to college, business administration senior Sophia Shapiro was diagnosed with several eating disorders, as well as anxiety and depression. With few people talking about their mental health issues, Shapiro felt no one else was going through what she was. 

It wasn’t until she began posting on social media about her journey that she realized she was not alone.

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Small businesses adding a touch of artistry to the SLO community

Local artists Savannah Rae Nicholson and Danielle Curchill individually created Anahata Rae and RadicalSouls Collective, local artistry businesses. After teaming up last year, both brands have a collective vision of bringing nature, both environmental and humanistic, into their designs. Anahata Rae Nicholson created Anahata Rae in 2014 after a death in her family. ‘Anahata,’ translates […]



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