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Tiger Rose Tattoo celebrated Friday the 13th with flash tattoo and piercing sale. Video by Lauren Emo

Tattoo shops around San Luis Obispo opened their doors on Oct.13 with flash tattoo and piercing sales. Tiger Rose, located at 1340 Taft St. ran their Friday the 13th deal throughout the entire weekend, they announced on Instagram after a large turnout on day one. 

The shop opened its doors on Friday at 11 a.m., though customers began forming a line at 8:30 a.m. that eventually wrapped around the store.

All flash tattoo designs were pre-drawn by the artists James Ary and Chuy. Prices started at $60 and moved up depending on shading and design. Piercings cost $30. 

Chuy, the artist who drew the small flash designs, described the event as a “big party.”

About 16 artists were moving in and out and working around each other in the shop. Some of the artists that were there on Oct.13 return to Tiger Rose each year to work for their Friday the 13th event. 

Returning artist Mario said during Tiger Rose’s past Friday the 13th events, the artists have tattooed customers until 1 a.m. However, Tiger Rose supports the artists with providing food and drinks.

 “We get catered to,” Mario said. “They are very good at catering to all the artists.”

Customers on Friday, said the atmosphere was lively. 

“It’s exciting. It’s exciting.” customer Sam Berryman said. “I feel like there are a lot of first timers here and you can feel the buzz.”

Environmental engineering junior Jay Zavala-Labor attended last year’s Friday the 13th event and said they returned because of Tiger Rose’s trust-worthiness, it’s close proximity to Cal Poly’s campus and its cheap prices. 

“Prices are really affordable, especially as a student, so I really like that,” Zavala-Labor said. 

Tiger Rose has participated in the Friday the 13th event for about 16 years, according to Chuy.