About one quarter of Covered California enrollees young adults

As of Dec. 17, 7,869 residents of Covered California’s Central Coast region had enrolled in the program.

Covered California helps students get health coverage

“Why do I need health insurance?” According to Christina Lefevre Latner, one of Cal Poly’s Health Insurance Education Project’s (HEIP) campus coordinators, this is a common question students ask.

Obamacare highlights administration’s flaws

I’ve given President Barack Obama every chance to redeem himself on his signature Affordable Care Act (ACA) during the past month and a half. The “train wreck,” as many Congressional Republicans have dubbed it, finally hit me.

Cal Poly students more united than Congress, against Congress

The federal government shutdown, which lasted 16 days, ended on Oct. 17 when President Barack Obama signed a bill raising the debt limit.

Health care provision to extend student coverage

Part of the Health Care Reform Bill and the Patient Protect and Affordable Care Act, a new provision allows dependents to stay on their families’ health insurance until age 26.