A fresh face: SLO City Council candidate Dan Rivoire

This Cal Poly alum wants all ages represented in local government.

Massive student interest led to new political science minor

A survey of 800 students was conducted, questioning whether there would be interest in a minor and if students would be likely to take it, political science professor Matthew Moore said.

Mustang News, Oct. 2, 2013: CSU to work with D.C. lawmakers, ASI president explains his agenda

Mustang News anchor Olivia DeGennaro recaps yesterday’s biggest stories at Cal Poly.

Cal Poly escapes immediate effects of government shutdown

The United States federal government officially shut down at midnight eastern time last night, leading to furloughs of thousands of government employees, including more than 90 percent of the Department of Education’s staff.

State budget could put more strain on CSU

The worst-case fiscal scenario for the California State University (CSU) became even worse Monday when Governor Jerry Brown released his May budget revision. The governor opened up the possibility of a $250 million cut to the CSU next year —…

Student tuition income pass state funding for first time

Twenty-five years ago, California higher education was designed to be virtually free for residents. The state paid for 90 percent of students’ education, and students had to pay only the remaining 10 percent. Today is a much different story. This…

The Great Recession officially ends

The National Bureau of Economic Research (NEBR) announced this past summer that the Great Recession that began in December 2007 is over after 18 months.