Cal Poly Democrats and Republicans engage in debate

Students seated themselves along a spectrum of how they identified politically. No one person’s attitude completely reflected that of the political party they affiliated with or all the members of each club.

Cal Poly Democrats return to campus

Daniel Estes, economics and political science third year, decided to restart the Cal Poly Democrats after seeing a need for a group that would allow students on the liberal end of the political spectrum to come together and express themselves.

VIDEO: ASI presidential candidates debate

Mustang News and the Cal Poly Republicans host an ASI presidential debate moderated by Nate Honeycutt and Sean McMinn.

Colombini: College Republicans’ plan to restrict membership ‘makes sense’

The ban on closed membership is a California State University policy, but Cal Poly Republicans is advocating for exemptions for certain organizations. The ASI Board of Directors can pass a resolution in favor of having closed membership, but there is no plan to do so, Colombini said.

College Republicans lobbying against open club membership

The Cal Poly College Republicans have launched a petition to end a California State University policy requiring all clubs to have open membership, saying the rule will result in members who do not adhere to conservative values.

New York Times bestseller to speak on gun control

Alexandria Scott The heated debate on gun control policy has both liberal and conservative viewpoints, and the Cal Poly College Republicans will host a speaker to discuss the latter today. Katie Pavlich is an alumnus from the University of…

The politics of gun control

Jessica Burger Polarized political views are creating problems in the current national conversation on gun violence and policy following the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Conn., which took the lives of 27 people this past December. In…

Coulter's visit a victory for intellectual diversity

From the initial “vanishing” stakes to the “revised” posters (and subsequent “poster wars”), it seems as though the left is doing everything in its power to stunt the success of Ann Coulter’s speaking engagement on Feb. 28. Meanwhile, alumni have…

Students get FIREd up for free speech at lecture

The President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), Greg Lukianoff, spoke at Cal Poly yesterday about the importance of free speech and students’ first amendment rights while enrolled at a university.

Individual rights activist speaks at Cal Poly

Adam Kissel of FIRE, an individual rights protection organization, spoke on campus about the rights that students have across the nation.