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“This little niche community”: What jewelry making means to student crafters and creatives

Ever since her mom set up craft stations for her as a child, graphic communications senior Mia Lew has loved getting creative through DIY projects, whether it be selling duct tape wallets or painting custom shoe designs. Then, two years ago, Lew began experimenting with jewelry making and during the COVID-19 pandemic, she started an […]

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Small businesses adding a touch of artistry to the SLO community

Local artists Savannah Rae Nicholson and Danielle Curchill individually created Anahata Rae and RadicalSouls Collective, local artistry businesses. After teaming up last year, both brands have a collective vision of bringing nature, both environmental and humanistic, into their designs. Anahata Rae Nicholson created Anahata Rae in 2014 after a death in her family. ‘Anahata,’ translates […]



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