Downtown businesses facing hard times

Downtown businesses face difficult times in the current economy and about two dozen businesses have closed in the past year.

SLO welcomes two local bands to Mother’s Tavern

Mother’s Tavern is hosting two of San Luis Obispo’s own musical groups, AVANTI and the Damon Castillo Band, on Wednesday, Oct. 14 at 9 p.m.

How to spot a tourist in San Luis Obispo

Now that new students have moved into San Luis Obispo, there’s a pitfall for them to avoid — looking like a tourist. While the older tourist is easy to spot with the fanny pack, hula shirt and visor, some behaviors are less black and white.

Off-campus locales offer SLO treasures

New students might not know much about San Luis Obispo besides Cal Poly. This simple guide is a good starting point for getting off campus without going too far: