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In defense of drones

Jacob Lauing [follow id = “jlauing”] Drones. Never has one word instilled so much fear in some, and so much excitement in others. At Mustang News, we fall into the latter group. When our digital adviser walked into the newsroom one day with what’s essentially an iPhone-compatible, remote control helicopter-like flying camera, I think we […]

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Why Uncle Sam, what big eyes you have!

Zachary Antoyan is a political science junior and Mustang Daily liberal columnist. Our popular culture holds that if the President of the United States ever needed to launch nuclear weapons, there is a shiny, big red button he or she has to press. This button, invariably, is inside of a bullet-proof briefcase handcuffed to someone’s […]

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Drones don’t kill people, people do

Ashley Pierce is a political science freshman and Mustang Daily conservative columnist. The drone war: it’s all the news outlets seem to be focused on a lot of the time, and with good reason. In theory, drones are absolutely fantastic. An unmanned plane sets off to find its target, a dangerous threat to U.S. safety, […]