Udderly broke: Cal Poly dairy deals with unstable economy.

Cal Poly’s Dairy Science Department has begun to put more emphasis on the postproduction of dairy because of the current economic hardships facing the dairy industry. Dairy prices are unstable, and the price of feed has increased, according to Cal…

San Luis Obispo caught between local and large chain stores

San Luis Obispo’s downtown area makes up the well-traveled center of the city and is home to dozens of locally-owned businesses, as well as larger national chains. Retail centers, such as the downtown area, make up the backbone of San…

Protestors act quick to 'Occupy SLO'

Armed with signs, slogans and even a pitchfork, residents of San Luis Obispo took to the streets to protest on Wednesday. A group of approximately 50 residents gathered on the steps of the downtown courthouse to show their support for…

Recent closures leave trust in San Luis Obispo economy shaky

The recession has officially been over for more than a year now, but economic problems continue to plague the city and surrounding areas of San Luis Obispo. Over the years, many local businesses have been forced to go out of…

Mixed opinions targeted at incoming SLO shopping center

The construction of a Target, slated to open July 2011, has caused both excitement and concerns with the idea of a new, large chain store entering San Luis Obispo.

Prospective solar farm could strengthen local economy with jobs, dollars

A 1,500-acre solar farm is pending approval by the county Planning Commission. If permits are granted, the farm could bring hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars to the local economy.

Americans weren’t looking for Obama’s change

Obama’s campaign promise of “change” meant something different depending on who was asked to define it. Read on to see our Conservative Columnist’s perspective.

Students taught steps to success in free symposium

Cal Poly students were advised on how to succeed financially in any economic climate during Radical Paths to Success Saturday.

Educational tax credit expanded

A newly expanded educational tax credit can now help students pay for textbooks, supplies and equipment.