Cal Poly, community health experts meet on underage drinking

A May 14 forum addressed issues of underage drinking.

Battling depression, he found someone to talk to

Logan Cooper is talking, as he sits on a desk crowded with turntables, mics and a mixing board inside KCPR, Cal Poly’s radio station.

Welcome to The College Culture


It’s one of few words spoken between scenes of chugging, stumbling and fist pumps displayed in Cal Poly’s College Culture video posted this January.

Fighting the stigma of suicide

Students can make themselves available and knowledgeable for their peers and allow them to see the choices that are at hand.

One is one too many

Most Cal Poly students can tell you the story of Carson Starkey. They’ll tell you he was a Cal Poly student lost to alcohol poisoning in 2008. His story is retold every year in hopes of raising awareness about alcohol poisoning and looking out for fellow students.

Suicide awareness event rescheduled after student tragedy

Jessica Burger Originally planned for Friday, a nationwide traveling suicide awareness exhibit of 1,100 backpacks donned with personal stories has been cancelled in light of the student death near campus Wednesday. Cal Poly Health and Counseling Services, in collaboration with…

Got the whiskey blues? Try something new

For Cal Poly students, the signs of problematic drinking don’t have to do with drinking every day or drinking in the morning, Mary Peracca, a Cal Poly drug and alcohol counselor of 12 years, said.