Packaging mix-up results in mass birth control recall

A popular birth control pill company issued a voluntary recall on two of its products Tuesday, saying certain lots of the pills may not be effective in preventing pregnancy. New York-based Pfizer Inc. said approximately one million birth control packets…

SLO free clinic opens doors to residents

The economic climate and spike in unemployment rates throughout the country have rendered some people and families uninsured, but San Luis Obispo is setting an example for others by providing quality health care — free of charge. The SLO Noor…

It’s time to party like it’s … 1773

Republicans are supposed to be all about “Country First.” After last week’s elections, who knows anymore.

Clergymen discuss faith and health care

A reverend and a rabbi discussed how their religious views agreed or clashed with health care reform before a small crowd in Philips Hall of the Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Center on April 14.

Obama Cares: How the Health Care Reform Bill Will Affect You

It has been 12 days since the bill passed, and I have yet to see any hammers and sickles or murals of Obama in military garb painted on City Hall downtown.

Obama preserves the illusion of change by forcing health care plan through reconciliation

Well, they didn’t want to do it, but those darn, uncompromising Republicans have forced Democratic lawmakers to proceed in desperation.

Health Care Reform: Where’s the Fire?

One cannot even begin to comprehend the full implications of such a health care reform policy, especially in the period of a few months. Congress is rushing for the sake of rushing.

Many students unaware of health care plan

At Cal Poly, most students are unaware of the status of the health care reform being discussed in Congress. If these bills become law, they will have an effect on the future of Americans and their health insurance.

Women denied health insurance because of sexual attacks

In the United States, a sexual assault or rape happens every two minutes and 60 percent of the incidents are never reported to the police. In 2007, 248,300 sexual assaults were reported.

Health care reform uncovered

When biology senior Rachel Hornstein recently asked Cal poly students what they knew about Health Care reform she was shocked to find that the answer was ‘not much.’