Brand yourself professionally

Andrew Woloz, a Cal Poly alumnus, makes music playlists for a living. “It’s an awesome job,” he said, “about as awesome as it sounds.” Woloz, who graduated in 2012 with a degree in business administration, works at Beats Music, a company under the Beats by Dre umbrella.

Preparation is key for job fair success

Kelly Trom For some students, the mere mention of the upcoming career fair sends a nervous shiver down their spines. For others, it holds the promise of great opportunity. The reality is, the fair is for everyone. Whether students…

Social media can make or break job search

Students soon to enter the professional world can either help or hurt their chances of finding employment by implementing social media into their job search, according to Cal Poly career counselor Amie Hammond. Hammond said Jobvite, a recruiting platform for…

Landing your dream job: tips for writing resumes and acing interviews

Industrial technology alum and CEO of HATHWAY, a creative agency that leverages open-source technology to provide web design, development and marketing services for businesses, Jesse Dundon shares some secrets for success in finding and securing that dream job.