DUI checkpoint scheduled Friday

Cal Poly University Police Department (UPD) will set up a DUI and driver’s license checkpoint on campus Friday night as part of the countywide “Avoid the 14” campaign. The checkpoint is designed to make people think twice before drinking and…

Skateboarding ban sliding past students

Civil engineering junior Ryan Blunk is a skateboard enthusiast who uses his board to get around town and school, even if it’s illegal. Cal Poly has had a ban on skateboarding on campus for more than 20 years, but the…

Officers respond, patrol around campus

Cal Poly University Police Department (UPD) officer Jason LeClair knew he was going to be a policeman. Despite the fact that no one in his family was involved with law enforcement, it became his passion from an early age. “I’ve always…

Tips for preventing alcohol poisoning

In a Mustang Daily random poll conducted in spring 2011, 73 percent of Cal Poly students polled answered “Yes” to consuming alcohol, 14 percent answered “No” and 13 percent answered “On rare occasions.”

Student hit by car walking on campus

A student was taken to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center Tuesday, May 30, after being in a pedestrian/vehicle collision.

Wave of bike thefts hits Cal Poly campus

Seventeen road bikes were stolen at Cal Poly between the 23 and the 25 of February, mostly during the day. All of the bikes were estimated at between $400 and $2,000 and all but one were locked with cable locks.