Stats show uneventful 4/20 at Cal Poly

Cal Poly University Police Department numbers say there was only one marijuana citation on 4/20 between 2011-2014.

Romney might gain Hispanic support through VP

They have both said the same exact words repeatedly (“I will not be VP”) — sometimes casually, sometimes forcefully. But Marco Rubio and Susana Martinez both realize they would be an ideal counterweight to Romney’s ticket. As we all know,…

Potential 'high' times with Oceano dispensary

The first medical marijuana collective in the county will be up for debate by the County Board of Supervisors this year.

Despite government hypocrisy, grass could be greener on the legal side

Federal policy states that marijuana has no medical benefits. It is illegal for anyone, without the government’s approval, to research marijuana’s effects. Yet, for more than 30 years, the government has been dispensing marijuana to patients in order to study its medical uses.