The party registration program was voted into permanency on Oct. 16. Mustang News | File Photo

The San Luis Obispo City Council approved a permanent voluntary party registration program Tuesday, Oct. 16.

The program, which began as a pilot program in May 2017, allows hosts to notify local police of scheduled parties one week in advance. If a noise complaint is filed against a registered event, police will conduct a courtesy call to the host, allowing the individuals 20 minutes to end the disturbance without citation.

Noise violations can cost as much as $350 for a first offense.

The program was born out of the council’s efforts to seek more collaborative approaches to achieve neighborhood peace. In its first year, the program yielded 99 registrations, resulting in eight warnings and only one noise citation, according to the city’s news release.

“The main purpose of the program is to help folks avoid fines,” Neighborhood Outreach Manager Christine Wallace said. “The program helps people coexist in their neighborhoods regardless of what lifestyle they may have. So students can live life how they want to live it and their neighbors will enjoy being their neighbors.”

With the approval of the council, the department will continue the program and work to mitigate noise violations, helping San Luis Obispo residents avoid costly fines.

Those interested in registering events must be 18 or older, provide a photo I.D. and must not have a noise violation on record within the nine months prior to application.

Applications must be submitted a week in advance to the department office, located at 1042 Walnut St. Online applications are expected to launch Nov. 1. Details about the program and registration are available on the City of San Luis Obispo website.

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