Campus climate survey summary released, reveals the good and the bad

In an email to students, Cal Poly released an executive summary of the 2014 Campus Climate Survey.

Cal Poly Athletics director talks changes to drug testing policy

There have been ongoing discussions within Athletics about possibly expanding its current drug testing policy.

Mustang News, May 13, 2014: Fire on campus, Follow-up on Armstrong's keynote address

Mustang News anchor Jenna Brown covers today’s top stories at Cal Poly.

Poly Royal: Bringing back the name, but not the violence

Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong: “If we work together, I believe we can make Poly Royal a safe, enjoyable event and a university showcase that will make all of us proud.”

Starkey’s death reverberates five years later

It’s been a half-decade since Julia and Scott Starkey sent their son Carson, an architectural engineering freshman at the time, to Cal Poly for the start of what were supposed to be some of the best years of his life.

Cal Poly to move to semesters by end of decade

For nearly a year, the Cal Poly community has scrutinized the question of quarters vs. semesters. On Monday, University President Jeffrey Armstrong announced mounting pressure from the California State University forced him to accept semesters will come to Cal Poly by 2020.