Ira Glass shatters illusions of radio storytelling

“The first thing that you have to understand is that it’s radio. That not seeing has a power in and of itself.”

From ‘This American Life’ to San Luis Obispo: Ira Glass to speak at PAC

Renowned radio personality Ira Glass will speak at the Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Center (PAC) on April 12.

The Audio Files: Why college radio matters

Before the Internet, YouTube and iTunes, college radio provided a way for new bands to get exposure to audiences who craved new, alternative music.

KCPR features California-wide bands at WOW showcase

Campus radio station KCPR featured three different types of indie rock bands at WOW showcase this year, including Pleasantly, sea knight and Second Cousins.

KCPR goes '6 Beers Deep' with entertainment talk show

Two Cal Poly students are ‘6 Beers Deep’ with their KCPR entertainment talk show. Meet Kolby Hatch and Ben Pawlik.

KCPR intoduces quirky talk radio program

Switching up its regular programming, a team of KCPR producers is scavenging San Luis Obispo County for funny, interesting and sometimes downright random stories from the general public.