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To do it or not to do it: That is the question

You’re right. I talk a big game. I basically declared war on the Sex and Dating column at the beginning of this quarter, crying for a change from its former mediocrity.

Long distance relationships: not for the faint of heart

Why some long distance relationships can work but most can’t: the distance, the foundation of the relationship and the length of time the two people will be apart.

Sex column: Don’t let ‘Aunt Flow’ ruin your mojo

What is a 6.9? A good thing interrupted by a period. Har har. Those of you who automatically eliminate 25 percent of your potential sexual encounters because things might get a little messy are missing out.

The down and dirty on under-discussed STIs

In honor of STI Awareness Month, today’s column will look at three fairly common hazards of sex that didn’t get as much attention in your high school sex-ed class.

Bisexual doesn’t equal slutty

You do make a comment, half-joking, to the effect of knowing I’m bi makes you uncomfortable around me or uncomfortable having your girlfriend around me. Maybe you think my gayness is contagious and will rub off on you or your girlfriend. Or maybe you just think I’m attracted to every woman I meet. I don’t know, but for your sake, I don’t ask.

Note to possessive significant others: stay away

Society has conditioned those in relationships that being involved with someone equates to ownership. Significant others who value their counterpart as a possession should stay away.

How to do it right: new column aims for inclusiveness

First, let me just say that I like the Mustang Daily. Without the daily Word on the Street, letters to the editor and crossword puzzles, my time between (and often during) classes would be spent…I don’t know, studying.