Oktoberfest, a celebration to remember

Every now and then, you have to look back and reflect on some of the greatest moments that influenced the person you are today.

Thailand: From the honeymoon stage to home

There are three phases a study abroad student theoretically goes through while abroad: honeymoon, hostility and home. I have been in Thailand for approximately two months, and I can say with a fair amount of certainty that I skipped the hostility phase completely.

Welcome to Spain: Embracing culture shock

Saludos desde San Sebastian, España!

Let’s take a minute to say that even though I arrived here more than a month ago, I still had to Google Translate that sentence.

Embarking on a Thai expedition

The train squeaked and shook gently as it left the loading dock. Hungry, tired and unreasonably excited, I boarded an overnight train from the bustling southern Thailand city of Bangkok, bound for my ultimate destination, the mountainous northern city of Chiang Mai.

Once upon a time, a Mustang went to Italy

I feel like I’m in an Italian fairytale. I couldn’t help but think this the moment I stepped outside of my dorm for the first time. I was greeted by the warm, shining Roman sun on my face. After more…

Encantado, España: getting to know Barcelona

J.J. Jenkins jjjenkins.md@gmail.com J.J. Jenkins is a business administration junior and Mustang Daily study abroad columnist. Lionel Messi headed home a brilliant cross in one swift flick. The bar exploded. I jumped out of my seat with the rest of…

Studying abroad: the information you need

Dozens packed onto Dexter Lawn for the annual Study Abroad Fair on Oct. 7. The fair featured several booths for the different study abroad, volunteer, scholarship and internship options Cal Poly offers.

The road less traveled: Broading horizons from home

You don’t have to actually see the world to have a desire to know about it, explore its cultures or understand its people. Studying abroad may be an outlet to these things, but it is by no means a necessity.