Women’s basketball team closes out Thanksgiving weekend with big victory

If you go hard all the time things are gonna pay off

Study abroad: Thanksgiving away from home

Ask an American what Thanksgiving is all about. They’ll say it’s a time for reflecting on what they’re grateful for. They might even throw in something about pilgrims.

30-Minute Update: Cal Poly named ‘Best in the West,’ pier opens its gates to the public

Mustang News anchors Mallory St. George and Shannon Durkee update you on Mustang News’ biggest stories this week.

What is Cal Poly thankful for? Part III

Post-turkey festivities, Cal Poly administration, faculty and staff are still thankful for national parks and peace.

What is Cal Poly thankful for? Part II

Cal Poly administration, faculty and staff are thankful for free speech and beaches this year.

What is Cal Poly thankful for? Part I

Cal Poly staff, faculty and administrators discuss what they are thankful for globally, nationally, locally and personally.

A special church, an American holiday and a famous statue

Erica Husting is a journalism junior and a Mustang Daily study abroad columnist.  My train departed for Rome at 11:40 on Sunday morning. But at 7:30 a.m., there was still one thing I had to do before I left the…

Thanksgiving dinner: an exercise in moderation

Sam Gilbert is a journalism sophomore and Mustang Daily health columnist. Distant relatives have purchased their plane tickets, Dad pre-ordered the turkey a week ago and all football games planned for Nov. 27 are TiVo’d. Anyone else ready for Thanksgiving?…

Thanksgiving break comes just in time

Leila Durmaz is a journalism freshman and Mustang Daily freshman columnist. Freshman year is a time of firsts. The first time we’re separated from family and friends who we’re used to seeing and talking to everyday, the first time we’re…

The Thanksgiving debate: How will you cook your turkey?

Heather Rockwood is a food science senior and Mustang Daily food columnist. There are few days throughout the year in which we celebrate food more than we do with the bountiful harvest of Thanksgiving dinner filling our plates. It is…