An inside look at the Cal Poly logging team

The Cal Poly logging team teaches students from all majors log chopping, birling and more.

Logging Team wins 75th Association of Western Forestry Clubs Conclave

Cal Poly Logging Team defeats over 20 other teams in competition.

Crocs, urine and one professor’s sustainable lifestyle

In an attempt to leave a small carbon footprint, Cal Poly physics professor Peter Schwartz pees on his trees instead of using fresh water.

History grows on trees in Poly construction zones

The Science Building, commonly known as the “Spider Building,” was outdated and now demolished for replacement, but 16 trees from the surrounding site were still healthy and strong. Two special trees were saved in their original locations because of their…

Students to plant 500 trees

On Saturday, non-profit organization One Cool Earth and the Cal Poly Environmental Council teamed up to pot 50 Madrone trees and 500 Redwood trees, and picked acorns to plant Oak trees.

Tree planting project completed after four years

Students seeking shade on campus now have the opportunity to enjoy the comforts of trees planted and a bench installed by forest and national resource (FNR) students between the Alan A. Erhart agriculture (10) and mathematics and science (38) buildings.