Credit: Claire Lormior / Mustang News

Claudia Munoz is a junior English major and Mustang News opinion columnist. The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of Mustang Media Group.

Oh boy, how I love Halloween! I’m a people watcher by nature, so Halloween just makes my little heart soar. Nothing brings me more joy than watching college kids stumble around the streets of San Luis Obispo in some of the tiniest or most creative costumes I’ve ever seen in my life. Let me be your eyes and ears from Halloweekend, dear reader, I present to you my eight favorite Halloween costumes I saw this year, ranked!

1. Gay Little Monkey

I will never get over this. I came across this gentleman quite randomly, and embarrassingly enough, I thought he was Curious George. But, when he struck that timeless pose, my jaw dropped to the ground. The Gay Little Monkey meme makes me laugh every time I see it. I’ve struck that pose so many times that it has begun to integrate itself into the lore of my friend group. A flawless #1 ranking. 

2. My friend who went as an iPad-kid 

Shout out Zoya! She went all out with this one. I’m talking about a whole TMNT t-shirt and minecraft backpack. And, to top it all off, her Ipad came along too. There were many times where I would see it being held up into the air so a selfie could be taken. The only con of the costume was that I wasn’t able to findSubway Surfer on it. Oh well. You can find a photo of her on the @calpolychicks Instagram account here!

3. Couples who dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Fox

You’re adorable and I am so jealous. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to strangle you or cry. I hope you are together forever and nothing comes between you and you never feel any pain in this world. 

4. Full-body Lorax (But specifically as a woman)

She is beauty, she is grace, she speaks for the trees. To the lovely women who wore this costume, I bow down before you. This was truly one of my favorites. I just know you Lorax girls are some of the funniest, most confident girls on the block. Keep it up.

5. Jesus

A cult classic costume if you will. Anytime I came across Jesus this Halloween I had a hoot and a holler. Some people went all out with a beard and everything (respect), while others took a more subtle approach (also respect). Either way, I made sure to salute each and every one I saw with a good ol’ Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  

6. Doodle-Bob

I witnessed this costume at a party on Saturday. My friends and I were in the backyard having a little chat, and this girl came out the back doors like a messiah— proudly holding her inflatable giant pencil above her head. A collective scream of awe erupted from the crowd. Talented. Beautiful. Original. 

7. Men who dressed as Ice Spice

I respect any man who dressed as Ice Spice this lovely halloweekend. Every function I went to I would see a curly red haired wig in the distance and know exactly who they were. Hats off to you for being secure enough in your masculinity to wear the smallest pair of shorts you could get yours hands on. Bravo.

8. Any Nick Wilde costume

This could get me a lot of hate, but I love a good Nick Wilde costume. No, I will not elaborate. No, I am not a furry.