One of the places vandalized was the Cal Poly University Store. | Celina Oseguera/Mustang News

Kayla Missman

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Update 6:24 p.m.

The University Police Department (UPD) has arrested Logan Puleri for suspicion of causing an estimated $25,000 in damage, according to a university press release.

Puleri was arrested on Saturday evening, after UPD discovered a witness and other evidence pointing toward the suspect. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife also provided a K9 officer to assist the investigation.

Puleri, a business administration freshman, was arrested for one count of felony vandalism and taken to San Luis Obispo County Jail, the release stated.

Original post

The University Police Department (UPD) is investigating incidents of vandalism around campus that occurred last night. UPD and Facilities staff estimate the cost of the damage to be between $20,000 and $30,000, university spokesperson Matt Lazier said.

There was damage to the large umbrellas outside Subway and a car parked nearby, as well as several windows throughout the core of campus, including Sandwich Factory, the Cal Poly University Store and Engineering East (building 20).

A maintenance worker who reported to work at 4:30 this morning discovered the damage and reported it to UPD.

The person or people responsible were throwing large rocks and broke the windows, Lazier said. But no information regarding suspects or motive has been released.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.

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    1. Interesting assumption. Hey, when you’re finished rubbing one out with one hand on your keyboard and just one headphone in so you can hear when your roommates come barreling through your PCV studio apartment, find a dictionary and look up “hasty generalization.” Find the page, tear it out, smear about an inch or two of elmers glue on it, and shove it tenfold into your anus.

  1. I don’t know what’s more broken, the window of the bookstore or Kayla Missman’s writing style

  2. No need to publish his name. Logan has not been found guilty yet, and there could be a possibility of him being innocent. You guys have deemed him guilty in the eyes of his peers, family, and the entire internet. In the future, if a potential employer does their research, they will find this article. Would you wanted to be treated the same way if you were at the wrong place at the wrong time? I’m not saying he’s innocent (personally, I think he is because I know one of the witnesses), but let due process take its course before defaming someone PLEASE.

    What a disgusting practice of “journalism”.

    1. I agree, it is absolutely disgusting. Mustang News ALWAYS considers suspects guilty until proven innocent. Then, if/when charges are dropped, we hear nothing. I am appalled time and time again by the lack of professionalism and common sense displayed by this sorry excuse for a school newspaper.

      1. Mustang News never once said Puleri was guilty. They are doing their jobs, which is to report that the police arrested a suspect in the vandalism case. KSBY also reported his name. It’s common practice.

    2. In the coming months, this kid will not only deal with legal ramifications and Cal Poly’s own sanctions, but now has to also deal with the whole campus knowing him as “that kid.” He’s a second quarter freshman living away from home for the first time and is probably younger and more clueless than anyone involved in writing this article. He does not need the added pressure of the general public shaming him for what was probably an act of drunken idiocy, and now it will only be harder to move forward from this.

      1. I completely agree. I really hope you, Kayla Missman, can live with yourself for inflicting such pain on another fellow student. Often times in these situations, many people are hurt more from these types of defamatory articles than from the legal system. We all make mistakes in our lives, and it is not our role to be the judge, jury, and executioner. Also, please don’t justify this as “journalism”. Regardless of how you see it, you’ve literally put this student into a much deeper hole than he already is in. I hope you succeed well in your life of degrading other people!

      2. It’s hypocritical that you are assuming he is guilty (“what was probably an act of drunken idiocy”) while agreeing with the original poster who made the argument that people are unfairly assuming that he is guilty.

    3. How could this be responsibly reported without naming the suspect? That’s public information — which is news. This organization’s job is to report the news, not make everyone happy.

      “The University Police Department (UPD) has arrested Logan Puleri for suspicion of causing an estimated $25,000 in damage, according to a university press release.”

      This is just a fact. Not an accusation, and definitely not defamation. I advise you to educate yourself about this topic, because it is clear that you lack the bigger picture in your ideas.

  3. All of the other news outlets reported the name too KSBY, the tribune, etc, its public knowledge. Stop blaming MN for reporting facts.

    1. This is true. But you’re assuming the enraged commenters are okay with ksby releasing his name, which I would think they are not. Also, watch your circular reasoning with the public knowledge comment. The fact that it is public knowledge is exactly what these people are upset with. Considering the state of American media today, I would advise against associating common practice with ethical practice. ☺

      1. Good point. I just don’t think it’s fair when MN is judged for disclosing the name but not other news outlets as well. People will find any reason to criticize it since it’s a student run paper.

  4. It’s common practice for news organizations to publish the names of those arrested for crimes. Note that Ms. Missman always uses the word “suspect” when referring to Puleri. The author can expect that any reasonable person, including potential employers, reading this article would be familiar enough with our justice system to know that the suspect is innocent until proven guilty.

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