ASI presidential candidates violate election code because article reported on previous violations

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Joi Sullivan, Jake Rogers, Connor Paquin and Will Blumhardt were all found in violation of campaign rules after their names were linked to “candidate for ASI President.”

Benjy Egel
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All four students running for Associated Students Inc. (ASI) president are again in violation of the active campaigning policy after a Mustang News article said two candidates were fined $100 apiece for appearing in a previous article.

Connor Paquin, Joi Sullivan, Jake Rogers and Will Blumhardt were all found in violation of having their names linked to “candidate for ASI President,” before active campaigning begins April 13, according to Recruitment and Development Chair Cale Reid.

Paquin and a member of Sullivan’s campaign team originally spoke to Mustang News, and were consequently fined $100 each.

An hour after Mustang News published an article on the fines, Reid said all four candidates were again in violation of the active campaigning policy because they were again identified as running for ASI president. While Reid noted it is his committee’s responsibility to enforce the ASI Election Code, he said he recognizes the cycle of violations that comes as a result of the related news coverage.

Section C, Article 1 of the ASI Election Code reads, “Active campaigning is defined as a non-verbal public display or distribution of specific information (physical or electronic) about any ASI candidate.”

According to the election code, this article could put all four candidates in violation of campaign rules for a third time.

Update: Reid confirmed that this article has put the four presidential candidates in violation of the election code for a third time.