As Cal Poly prepares to make a historic decision on whether or not to switch from quarters to semesters, take a look back at the other historic decisions the university has made:

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  1. I hardly think these changes are comparable. The semester system is a ridiculous move for this university. It’s going to make it absolutely impossible to graduate on time, even worse than what already exists. Why would anyone want to be stuck there for 8 years trying to get classes when it’s already so overcrowded and impacted and classes are being cut every year?
    This would be a huge step backwards.

    1. So Cal Poly can continue doing what it does best. Taking our money and not giving two $H!7s about the students.

  2. Why O! my does President Armstrong keep giving us this “double speak” long before Sep 12, 2012 that his decision is not been made, ya right. The politician that he is, he’s going to “Jefferymander” Semesters on Cal Poly. In turn Cal Poly’s national rankings are going to be a power dive to the bottom of the list.

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