Ryan Chartrand

  • Car crashes into DRC van outside Graphic Arts Building.
  • Driver of DRC van suffers minor injuries.
  • Driver of car refuses medical attention.

    An ambulance rushed the driver of a Disability Resource Center van to the hospital around 12:30 today after it was rear-ended by a car on South Perimeter Road, police said.

    The driver of the van reportedly stopped at the stop sign on the south side of the Graphic Arts Building and then stopped moments later at the following crosswalk as a pedestrian passed. Police said the car behind the van did not anticipate the stop and crashed into the back of the van, totaling the car.

    Officials arrived at the scene and took the driver of the DRC van on a stretcher to the hospital. The driver is reported to have minor injuries while the driver of the car refused medical attention.

    Check back for more updates on this developing story.

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