Julianne Byer

Since everybody else is ranting and raving, I figured I would throw in my two cents too. Hey, if you’re lucky, I might throw in a whole nickel-

Ever since Samantha’s article asking where all the nice guys went, the word has been buzzing, much like any other topic that finds its way into the Mustang Daily. Why DO nice guys finish last? Do we really want them, or are they just something we say we want in order to bide time until we’re actually ready to start dating?

The reason nice guys finish last? Simple. They’re nice guys. Sure nice is a great quality, it’s easygoing, compassionate and most importantly-available. But then again, the “nice” quality can’t help but fall directly on the fence. Lean too far left and you end up in the midst of an awesome relationship, lean to far right and well-you’re needy. Nice but needy; ring a bell?

Let’s face it. It sucks telling someone to get lost, but then you throw in the fact that they’re nice and well, they’re too nice to get mad at you. I doubt many girls go around maliciously breaking guys’ hearts, but in a way these hearts are much more easily broken. It’s the reason there is controversy in the first place. Badasses don’t complain about getting hurt, because they didn’t make themselves available. They certainly weren’t needy or vulnerable, and yep, you got it, they weren’t nice to begin with.

The great guys that you wish you had, or suddenly have and can’t figure out what to do with for some odd reason, don’t fit into the mold you’ve created for yourself. You grew up thinking that a nice, respectable gentleman would court and woo you until you fell head-over-heels in love. They always do what they say they will, always say just the right things and surprisingly, always call you back. But then you look around and wonder why everything is so perfect, and expect something to go wrong because, hello, in Hollywood it does.

And so begins the raging battle inside your head: Follow the fact that you finally found someone, or realize that just because he’s nice doesn’t mean he absolutely must be perfect for you. And just when you think you’ve decided, the badass you couldn’t get the attention of for the life of you suddenly whips his head around, gives you the most captivating “come hither” look you’ve ever seen, and you’re lost in his game. Instead of giving you the attention you always expect from the nice guy, he gave you the attention you thought you couldn’t get. There goes another one lost to the dark side.

So boys, it looks like we have quite the dilemma here. To be nice and get your kindness stomped on because you thought she was potentially more than a friend, or guard your heart and be aloof? But before every guy in America realizes they’re doomed if they do and doomed if they don’t, I think we should all step back and ask ourselves, “Where the hell have all the nice girls gone?”

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