Patrick Molnar, while I have no problem with your enthusiasm and anticipation of Democratic victory, is that the purpose of your article? Granted this is an opinion article, but you should present a grander opinion than “We’re gonna win!” This article reads much like the ignorant campaign rallies after elections where candidates celebrate before assured victory (since everyone in politics thinks they are right and never wrong, and they must have won the election).

Furthermore, if the Democrats do sweep both houses, hope that they don’t become over-indulgent with their “Happy Tiiimes” and repeat the mistakes of their opponents. I do not intend to bash your article, and I merely wish you would present more critical analysis, instead of making your article a soapbox to celebrate your politics.

In addition, members of this campus (and probably most Americans) should consider being less extreme in their support for political parties. One good outcome of the Republican abuse of power is that it is causing traditional Republicans to question their devotion to the party and judge politicians with more scrutiny.

Democrats beware, and hope your politicians don’t acquire an obsession for young boys.

Ryan F. Radjabi
Electrical engineering senior

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