To the editorial staff of the Mustang Daily:

It would be very easy for me to use this letter as a means of bashing you and your coworkers for your ghastly unprofessionalism and erroneous reporting, however I believe that the aforementioned facts have been made more than obvious by the level of feedback you have received for your editorial entitled, “The Mustang Daily does not want to write your obituary.” In fact, it would seem that in publishing said article, the staff of the Mustang Daily has indeed written the obituary of their own credibility and their future as respectable journalists. Rather, I will use this letter to honor the memory of Richard Spencer Wood and life that was so dear to many of us.

Richard Spencer Wood was born on June 15, 1984 and was tragically, and unpreventably, taken from us July 22, 2006. Through Spencer’s 22 years on this earth, he touched more lives than most of us could ever dream of. His caring and good nature made him a friend to all. His confidence and charisma made him a professional to his peers and adults alike.

He was not the drunken frat guy whose inhibitions, and the inhibitions of those around him, caused his own death, as portrayed in the Mustang Daily’s editorial. Over consumption may be a growing issue among college-aged young adults, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the tragic loss of Spencer Wood, nor did the Mustang Daily have any right to assume or juxtapose such a claim.

The last night Spencer was with us, at a concert in Avila, he was surrounded by the things he loved: music, the beach and his friends. Let Spencer always be remembered as he would want, with the appreciation for such beautiful things that he enjoyed so much. Spencer will forever be a reminder of the beauty found all around us in the things he loved and the things he took the time to make us appreciate.

May each of us take an extra moment in the day to thank God for how lucky we are to be here, with friends and family, with nature and music, and with everything else we may take for granted as we continue our journey in pursuit of knowledge and happiness. Spencer would ask for nothing more, and we will miss him for it.

Andrew Batson
Business administration senior

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