San Luis Obispo County Public Health has reported a second resident has tested positive for coronavirus.

The first confirmed case was reported yesterday, after the County Public Health Laboratory conducted more than 100 tests for COVID-19 last week.

This second positive test result was reported to County Public Health by a private-sector laboratory, according to a news release. The patient is under the age of 60 with significant underlying health conditions. They live in South County.

“Because local testing capacity increased both at our public lab and at private-sector labs last week, we will likely see more confirmed cases in the coming days,” County Health Officer Penny Borenstein said in the release.

County Public Health is investigating the case, but Borenstein believes it is another case of community transmission. Community transmission of COVID-19 occurs when a person contracts the virus from an unknown source in the community.

The resident is recovering in isolation at home until cleared by County Public Health.

Cal Poly has extended spring break until April 6 and made at least the first two weeks of classes online. The university is asking students, staff and faculty to stay in town for the time being.

The university plans to announce any further modifications to Spring quarter by March 25, according to President Jeffrey Armstrong.

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