Every year the Cal Poly Equine Center foals new horses. The center is home to a breeding lab, stallion barn, student horse barn, a forty-stall barn, pastures and a foaling lab.

The amount of foals born varies each year. Last year, 26 foals were born and this year, twelve mares are pregnant. When the foals are old enough they will be trained for horseback riding classes and will compete in shows and the Poly Royal Rodeo.

Psychology sophomore Audrey De Caussin is one of the co-managers of the Foaling Enterprise. As manager, she organizes the mares and the foals to make sure they stay healthy so they have a safe and comfortable parturition, or birthing process.

De Caussin is passionate and dedicated to her job as a foaling manager. She said that her job is hard work but it is worth is because she gets to hangout with animals and see the foals born and grow up. Since working there, she has helped with the parturition of 39 foals.

The Equine Center is located just behind Bagget Stadium and is open to students.

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