I find it interesting to see how people react to confrontation. On Monday in the UU, several individuals decided to voice their strong religious morals to everyone who walked by. From a personal point of view, not everything said was true. Although they were within their First Amendment rights, yelling and screaming at others to change is not most effective method to convince anyone.

It made me think back to 2001. At a neighboring high school, a student killed two other students and wounded 13 others in a shooting spree. A few weeks later, several people came to picket that particular high school.

They yelled and screamed at students, parents and teachers. They tried as hard as they could to irritate anyone to the point that someone would respond violently, and then they could sue them for assault.

That was their job – to mock a sensitive and personal issue for personal gain. They traveled around the country to sensitive areas frequently as to perform these protests and earn their wage.

Luckily, no one reacted four years ago in Southern California, and I hope no one responded violently on Monday. I don’t know if those who shouted in the UU had the same purpose, but I just have to wonder why they would take the time and effort to yell at others.

I know of so many more efficient ways to help another change, like friendship, patience and kindness.

William Stevenson

Aerospace engineering sophomore

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