Study reveals students' drinking and driving habits

The percentage of Cal Poly students who report personally driving under the influence of alcohol is relatively low. However, the percentage of Cal Poly students who report having ridden with a driver who was intoxicated is significantly higher.

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Campus hangover: Cal Poly’s not-so-dry alcohol policies

The smell of barbecued pig filled the air. Friends and strangers gathered around ice chests of cold brew, shared a beverage and prepared for the excitement to ensue. A ping-pong ball whizzed through the air, interrupted by a ker-plunk into a red cup.

Got the whiskey blues? Try something new

For Cal Poly students, the signs of problematic drinking don’t have to do with drinking every day or drinking in the morning, Mary Peracca, a Cal Poly drug and alcohol counselor of 12 years, said.

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Closing the door on drunk driving

Your mother is crying, your best friend is dead and you are locked in jail. This is not how you thought the night would end. Alcohol-related collisions are responsible for the death of one American every 22 minutes, according to…

The real cost of an alcoholic beverage

A night of revelry can leave drinkers with more than just a nasty hangover. Laws against public intoxication and driving under the influence can leave people, and their pocketbooks, hurting for much longer than a hangover ever will. The fine…

Alcohol poisoning: What you should know

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Drinking safely to stop sexual assault

Within the last year, the Cal Poly community has experienced a vocal uproar to raise awareness about sexual assault. Due to three reported sexual assault incidents involving Cal Poly students last spring, and another one this year, the subject has…

Alcohol poisoning: how to detect it and what to do

When partying, be aware of the signs of alcohol poisoning. It can have deadly consequences if untreated.